Pro Tenax s.r.o.

We are the Czech company engaged in manufacturing, trading and forwarding services. We know the goodwill is hard to gain but easy to lose and therefore we build the long-term relations with our customers supported by mutual confidence and respect. We are a customer-oriented company relying our effort to succeed in the more and more demanding world of international business on almost 10-year period of building our goodwill through honest and respectable dealing with the customers, suppliers as well as our own employees.

We want to keep and even strengthen our position in the market, as we are representing one of the world leading suppliers of stainless steel fibres for automotive industry, especially in the sector of metal fibres.

We consider the selection of superior suppliers and maintaining the effective cooperation with them as a basic presumption for fulfilment of the high expectations of our customers. This effort was crowned in 2003 as we were certified according to the standard ISO 9001:2000, by the registration company Moody International s.r.o.

General principles of behaviour of our employees are fairness, professionalism, politeness, willingness, reliability and loyalty. We are not only taking care of the company development, but the employee development as well.

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